STEP 1: Draw a quick sketch of the outline of the room giving each wall a number.  For example, if the room is a box shape, draw a box with four numbered walls, “Wall #1”, “Wall #2”, “Wall #3” and “Wall #4”. 

STEP 2: Using a tape measure, measure first wall (“Wall 1”).  Make sure to include any door, window, built-in, radiator, electrical outlet, sconce, etc. and record on drawing.  Continue to do this for all other walls.

STEP 3: Measure the height of the ceiling from the lowest point of the ceiling to the floor.  

STEP 4: Take note of all ceiling light fixtures and put on your drawing.

STEP 5: Make sure to double-check your measurements.  

STEP 6: Fax, mail or scan and e-mail your drawing to us with all information included from the steps above


Wall #1: Has a closet door, which is 28” wide, and the wall is 18’- 4”. There are no windows.

Wall #2: Has one window on the wall, which is 26” wide and 48” high. The overall length is 20’-3”

Wall #3: Has an opening to the dining room that is 36” wide and 7’ high. The overall length of the wall is 18’-4”

Wall #4: Has a door 30” wide and 7’ high. The overall length of the wall is 20’-3”.

Other information: This room has hardwood floors and a heating vent on Wall #3. There is a ceiling pendant in the middle of the room that I would like replaced. Also, there are electrical outlets centered on Wall #1 and Wall #3.