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step 1



By now you have perused our inspiration gallery, you feel confident we are in simpatico, and you have chosen which of your rooms you would like to transform. 


1. Fill out questionnaire

Our proprietary Lifestyle Questionnaire enables our design team to drill down to a truly bespoke design that is a true reflection of who you are. On this questionnaire you will have the opportunity to select from a budget level that you have in mind for your new room. We have established three tiers (Savvy, Fabulous, & Luxe) to use as targets as we design and specify your room. Further details are available on the Lifestyle Questionnaire.

Please click here to see an excerpt of our Lifestyle Questionnaire.

2. Photograph all four walls

Photograph all 4 walls of the room, making sure to photograph the entire wall-side to side, and ceiling to floor.

3. Take photos of existing furniture

Take photos of the items you want to keep and work into your design. Please include the item’s height, width and depth. Also, take this opportunity to really scrutinize what may have been living in your house for too long.

4. Measure room and create drawings

Grab a partner and measure the footprint of the room and recording on paper as if you were looking down. This will be your footprint. Next, measure each wall indicating door openings, window locations, electrical outlets and AC vents. The accuracy of this information will aid us in the best furniture placement possible.

5. Gather inspiration images

Include 4 images of rooms that you have torn out of magazines or have downloaded from the internet, that you feel best illustrate the way you would like your room to look and feel.

6. Upload or mail in materials

Once these preliminary tasks are completed, you can either scan all of your items and upload the information to us or print everything out and send it through the mail.

7. Check your messages through my studio

Be sure to check back in, as we may have further questions for you during our design process.