Beyond Words-McQueen Windows at Bergdorf Goodman

Finally Blogger is up after I have been spending hours working on this posting! I don't think there is much to say than look at these pictures and take a deep breath as the details are beyond real! McQueen was my fashion hero when I was in high school as he always pushed the envelope and created dramatic and theatrical pieces that only he could make a reality.  I was walking by Bergdorfs and luckily I had my camera handy with me yesterday as I snapped tons of pics.  Sorry about some blurriness, it was really hard trying to capture the details with all the glares of the buildings across and the glass.  This is part one as I have a ton more to share. Aren't these garments exquisite?  I am still stop McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition at the MET...I am trying to go a day that is not as packed! So I will keep you posted with those pictures as well.  I am still saying WOW WOW...and got a little teary eye as I saw all these garments...what a huge loss to the world of DESIGN! 

The combination of wax and flowers has never ever looked more amazing than this...WOW! 

So what do you guys think about these amazing windows?  I think these have been the best windows I have ever seen at Bergdorf's since the Tony Duquette Xmas ones a couple years ago!

If you guys are in NYC, please go and see this fantasy come alive right in front of your eyes.

Have a very wonderful weekend!



All pictures property of Villa Bisono