French Chairs...should I buy?

Guys, I need your help So I was strolling down the street after work, when all of a sudden blocks away I see some gold legs of some chairs sticking out.  I have never seen this place, so it was my latest discovery in my city.  What lured me into this tiny antique store were these gold gilt french chairs that were priced at 2 for $ jaw dropped and I started picturing them in my apartment. Mind you, I already have like 18 different kind of seating in my 3 bedroom apartment and I am the only one living in it. I don't know why I need all these chairs, but thanks to my best friend Gisela she got me into this obsession.  I am actually babysitting one of her chairs as well. Anyways, lets stay focused! I need your help... which is ER help as I call it! Should I buy them for this price?  I know they are a steal and they have tons of potential!

I found these on

1st dibs

for $1,600 and look very similar!

And then I found these 1920's French Louis XV Style Armchairs on

1st Dibs

 with this very cool vibrant silk fabric.  This would be what I envision these chairs cool right?

So what do you think, should I get them?