Dreaming of my Idol {Kelly Wearstler}

I've had a super busy and as a result haven't gotten that much sleep...grrr.  Last night I told myself I am going to go home after work and come up with new venture ideas and most importantly to sleep early. I did just that, yippeeeeee!  I slept about 12 hours, something I never get a chance to do...maybe I slept a little bit too much! I woke up and started to think, "what was I dreaming" and it was no other but of my idol: Kelly Wearstler!  The dream consisted of me working next to her being her "right hand assistant"  I was traveling all over the world with her looking for artsy and never seen before furniture, helping her with her commercial and residential projects and designing her new baby- her fashion line.  It was like a dream come true that I guess that's the reason I did not want to wake up from that dream. Now that I have put the gist of the dream out in the universe, it's only a matter of time that I either work for her or become as great as her!  Oh Kelly, I can't wait to see you again and seriously can't wait for your new book to come out! You inspire me a heck lot!

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