Paris in NYC (Pierre Harve's NYC Apartment)

I remember the first time I went to the Carolina Herrera headquarters to help my best friend pull some garments for a photo shoot we were doing for Carolina Herrera was love at first site with Carolina's  studio.  It was an open space elegantly designed in mostly brown and white stripes, I kept telling myself "I must apply to work here and work under Pierre Harve- Carolina Herrera's right hand man.  He is French, fabulous and has one of the coolest apartments in NYC.  When I first saw his apartment featured in

The Selby

I was enamored by the hundreds of blue and white checkered fabric draped over the windows and bed. His canopy beds are like draped as they were couture, love, love!

I look at his apartment and I feel like I was literally transported to a very chic apartment in Paris. Some of my favorite vignettes are the ones where he groups collections of things he the books setup, the hundreds of vintage perfume bottles, the Hermes boxes piled together and his collection of vintage designer hat boxes from couture houses....If I get invited to his house, those are the first things I am walking out   

I also love his blush pink silk taffeta curtain with the stripe velvet trim...ahhh the details are killing me. And lets not even talk about the lilac settee and the vintage booth in the corner, I have been eyeing these for years!   

I bet he got most of his perfume bottles from scouting the best flea markets in Paris...Pierre, please take me next time.  I feel like I need a ginormous Chanel N'5 perfume sitting on top of my toilet...haha.  Don't you?

What is your favorite part of his home? 

pictures via

The Selby