Hat Exhibition {Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones}

  Attending the Anthology of Hats by Stephen Jones at Bard college just gave me so much inspiration and brought back many memories. As a little girl, I remember the only time we would wear hats would be for Easter. I've always had a passion for hats and would include them in my design collections in HS and college.  Personally, I have always wanted to be that person that could walk into a room with a great hat and have everyone turn their heads and stare at me, but I am so shy that it doesn't really fit my personality.  I wish It did and maybe one day I would be able to do it, but as of now I am ok with my curly crazy afro hair...lol.  Well, here is part one of all the Iphone blurry pics I took of the exhibition...sorry for the bad quality as I was trying to be very discrete taking these pics.  Hope you enjoy...and please come back for the second part which will include the Atelier part. 

Isn't that French provincial chair gorgeous and the antique mirrored vanity?  Oh my, I absolutely love love Schiaparelli pink boxes and I am soooo excited I will get one soon...can't wait to share.  

Love black and white stripes and have you every thought about wearing a chandelier over your head?  Anything goes!

"Sex on the head" hat...how clever, isn't it? I am sure if I was wearing that for fashion week I will be in every magazine...LOL.  Maybe, that won't be a bad idea after all?

Feathers, feathers and more feathers. There is never enough feathers to make a girl happy.  I have a closet full of boxes with feathers that I have collected over the years...girl is obsessed.  

Straw, plaids, felt, flowers, furs...etc. The Butterfly Philip Tracy hat is the one Sarah Jessica Parker wore for the premiere of Sex and the City. 

Take glass and plastic and mold yourself a hat! There are no materials that should be left out into creating a couture hat. 

 The original Darth Vader was here as well...how cool is that?

Do you remember this Dior hat on the lower left?  It's so gorgeous up close!

 I love the tiara collection..it was so glamorous and delicate. 

 Andy Warhol's wig made it to the exhibition too...how can anyone think about leaving Andy out?  It was the one thing that truly defined his persona.  

Again, Schiaparelli was the first designer to make a hat with a surreal shoe.  Other designers continued her legacy and gave us their own version, I don't think it can ever top the original.  

Guys, please go out and see this exhibition.  My pictures do not give the real thing any justice. 

Have a great weekend.