Is our summer over?

Seems like the summer is almost over, I am personally happy about it as Fall is my favorite season and it welcomes change!  I have been thinking about taking a little weekend getaway sometime this month and head somewhere where I can wear a tiny bikini to start showing off my body from all these workouts I have been doing, LOL.  I am nowhere near being close to my goal, but I think by the end of this month, I can deserve a little break.

Here is my Dominican girl- Arlenis Sosa showing off her rocking body in the May issue of Yo Dona photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Amparo Utrilla. Makes me want to pack some bags now and head down to the nearest island and wear a turban, a tropical color bikini and eat lobster and drink on some mango margaritas all day. How blissful would that be?


Also,  thanks so much for all the lovely comments and wishes on yesterday's posting! I really appreciate it...smooches to all!