I know a lot of us have been obessed with the Hermes tray and I have always wanted to get my own...maybe one day.  Until now, I am going to have to work some DIY magic and try to do my own little knockoff.   I had written a

blog entry

in the past about these trays being real or replicas...and to my understanding its hard to really find a true authentic one. I think my blog will soon be shapping into a more DIY blog with tons of inspirations and cool projects I have been working on.

I found this cheap round tray at Goodwill that has a similar shape to the one above for $5. I know it looks like crap and layered with years of dirt and mildew. I didnt care as the dirt could come off and there is no nothing a paint job cant fix. 

Next up- find my Hermes box and go to the Benjamin Store and find all the shades of orange.  I wanted something that was bright and not as muted as I sure wan this tray to pop in my living room. Here are the colors I was looking that have potential.  

Stay tune for second part as I show you which color I chose!