Express Yourself

What better way to start this Monday by showing you one of the things I did this weekend. I went to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC where I saw the Abstract Expressionist Exhibition.  It was my second time going this month as I am a museum junkie! If it was up to me, I would live in museums because there is so much inspiration. Here are some of  the pictures I took of my favorite paintings. I am looking to embellish my walls in my apartment and I am thinking of picking up painting again and do something abstract.  I will show you guys as soon as I start painting as I am very excited!

The Entrace

Looking at "Easter and Totem" by Jackson Pollock

Grace Hartigan-Shinnecock Canal-1957

Jackson Pollock- Easter and Totem 1953

Jackson Pollock-The Flame-1934-38

Jackson Pollock-Mask-1941

Portion of Mark Rothko's-No. 3/No. 13-1949

Next to Adolf Gottlieb's "The Tournament" 1951

Sam Francis- Big Red-1963

            Lee Krasner-Gaea-1966

Willem de Kooning- Woman I-1950

If you are in NYC and you haven't checked out this exhibition, you should definitely go!

Which one is ur favorite?  I love the pops of color in Rothko's No 3/No 13!