Going the extra MILES....

I have great admiration for decorators that take risk and mix bold colors with cool prints.  

Miles Redd

is one of my favorite designers for his mixture of antique furniture, art, and his use of strong bold colors.   Can Comic Pop Art get any more glamorous than this?  Here, he designed Art Curator,  David Kaiser's West Village apartment for



Loving the "Loopy" print on the left by Jeff Koons and the Ikat fabric patterned chairs.

I want, I need, I want NOW- laquered walls in my apartment! This grey tone is absolutely fabulous and the sunny yellow door color makes me just so happy! 

I love geometrical patterned floors and this cubist grey, white and black idea is a great one to try to replicate! 

My mom has a wood cabinet in her apartment that looks just like this one, I might have to start working on getting her to give to me, but I don't have a dining room at the moment, unless I get rid of my office! What you think? I do love the idea of changing the fabrics on all the chairs and making them pop with cool vibrant colors...bringing the OLD all NEW again! 

These big urns create a big statement on top of the sconces...and the fabric combination in the chairs reminds me a Vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress my mom has...maybe I can borrow that too!

I think I will start going the EXTRA MILE to introduce bold color into my spaces and make them pop! Thanks Mr. Redd for always inspiring me! 



Photos by Thomas Loof for NYMAG