Philippe's in Miami

This is

Philippe's Chow

third namesake restaurant which attract's A-listers at the Gansevoort South Hotel. Philippe's is composed of a bi-level space with minimalist clean and modern decor marked in a graphic white, red and black color scheme. Billowy white curtains, white tables/chairs, amazing lighting and pop works of art makes this space super chic and elegant. I personally loved the theatrical open glass kitchen where you see everything going's like watching Iron Chef in person. It also seats about 400 people and the red lipstick couches are super sexy and sets the scene. This restaurant is one of the very few of it's caliber on the Collin's strip with it's sophisticated Chinese cuisine, great music, chic decor and for mingling with


's elite. Next time you are in


, stop by Phillippe's and try the Peking Duck or the Chicken Satays which are it's most popular dishes! 

Wish I had taken more pictures of the time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,