Feeling Green at Bergdorf's

On Thursday, I went to get a facial at the renowned

Dorit Baxter

Spa on 57th St. and 6th Avenue.  After having a facial with my little sister we passed by Bergdorfs to look at the shoes since she wants to get her first pair of Louboutins at the age of 18...lucky gal.  I already have a couple, but got them in my mid 20's. We looked around and she has her eyes on the Lady Daf's....I actually want them aswell.  So we will see.  I took some quick pics of the Bergdorfs windows that were decorated with foliage.  One of the greatest things about living in NYC is that you can be inspired just walking down the streets and looking at windows. I love my city!

I was quite glowing even though the facialist Jaffa felt like Edward Scissorhands. She was ripping my face apart and making tons of incisions...it was traumatic but the end result was well worth all the pain! I highly recommend Dorit Baxter's Sport's facial! Here I am wearing a Marc Jacobs neon pink bag and Rachel Roy trench coat that I always wear as it's super easy and comfy.

I like this color combo of orange and mint on the mannequin.

A candid shot...sometimes, those are best.

I wouldn't mind buying this billowy floral print top for my next jet set trip.

Lately I have been thinking about different ways to embellish the walls in my apartment.  One of the ideas was to find beautiful botanical prints and decorate the walls with about 12  11x14 frames....perhaps for one of the hallway walls. I found these images and thought they were lovely!

images via pininterest and traditional home

How lovely is this leaf pattern print on these chairs?

Are you guys fan of foliage prints?