Rooster Paints Town Red

Unfortunately, I didn’t have thirty thousand dollars to spare for a seat at Obama’s Fundraiser this past Wednesday. But last night, I was pleasantly surprised to wine and dine at the most talk about “NYC IT Spot” the Red Rooster;


’s newest posh, fun and vibrant cool restaurant. Ever since I heard of the construction of this restaurant, my mouth has been watering to try awards winning Celebrity Chef, Marcus Samuelson's interpretation on American Soul Food.

I was extremely pleased with the interior decoration with its


’s historic churches and brownstones with the burgundy, ambers, cream and brown hues throughout the space.

The space between the curvy, copper-topped mahogany-and-oak bar and dining area is knit together by a Bisazza glass tile floor. Brass fixtures, antique light fittings, and use of copper throughout the space gave it a hint of deco combined with a dose of country comfort.

Local artist and designers (Andres Gomez, Stephen Burks, and Rebekah Maysles) collaborated with Red Rooster to adorn the walls and create murals.

The Red Rooster was a recurring theme throughout the space. I loved the rustic shelving which was style with knick knacks like Abba vinyl’s, kitchen utensils, fresh flowers, ceramics and books. The kitchen was open and framed with a black and white chalk like wall with drawings and doodles depicting the story of how Samuelsson’s journey for Red Rooster came about. The chalk board paid homage to his Swedish grandmother, Helga Jonsson as did the fabulous meatballs. One of my favorite parts of the décor had to be the high ceiling powder rooms decorated with old pictures of families from


, a black Barbie doll above the mirror and a wonderful candle which I didn’t get a chance to scoop the name of it, but the Molton Brown Ginger hand soap made my hands smell yummy!

1. Dirty Rice and Shrimp


Aged Basmati, Curry Leaves

2. Crab Cakes:

Lump Blue Crab, Spiced Mayo

3. Yam and Sweet Potato Puree-

Bacon, Horseradish

4. Cornbread:

Honey Butter, Tomato Jam

5. Red Snapper:

Sour Tomato Broth, Kaffir Lime

6. Yard Bird:

White Mace Gravy, Hot Sauce & Shake

7. Sweet Potato doughnuts:

Cinnamon Sugar

8. Spiced Pudding:

Apricot, Black Currant

We started off with some personalized mojitos which were very good but extremely strong. The drinks we wanted weren't available on the menu, so the bartender was kind enough to whip up his own concoction based on us describing what we thought tasted good. The dirty rice appetizer is a very good bet. The rice was curry spiced and topped with very well cooked, succulent shrimp. The flavor was bold and smoky but in the best possible way.  It was complemented with some crunchy nuts and a scoop of citrus marmalade to lighten and sweeten the dish. The crab cakes had to be the best crab cakes I’ve ever had in a long time, loved the mayo they used as it had a touch of spice.

I have to say, the corn bread was the best ever and right now, I wished I had bought like five orders and brought them to work.

I am a big sweet potato and yam girl, so the side dish was to die for! I wasn’t completely pleased with the Red Snapper but the Yard bird was sumptuously delicious! And to cure my sweet tooth, the sweet potato doughnuts sent me right up to heaven with the their moist sweet potato creamy filling!

If you are ever in NYC, try to stop by the Red Rooster, if you want to sit down, make sure to make reservations a month in advance! I will definitely take more pictures of the ambiance and the décor next time I go! I am already planning to go next month :)