A Nomadic Life

Lately, I have been reading every kind of book that would have me traveling, I go to the NYPL (New York Public Library) atleast three times a week and it's mainly to get books on traveling.  My daily DVR recordings consist of the Travel Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TCM and IFC. Is that really bad? Maybe I have a problem...are any of you guys dealing with this too? I have a friend that went to India and spent three months out there and when she came back all she did was rave about it, I can't wait till I start exploring the countries in Asia! I think if I was to go to India, I would try to go to every textile and beading factory! Look at these beautiful shots Patrick Demarchelier took of Gemma Ward for British Vogue in 2007 in India.  Love all the colors and patterns of this rich culture. How amazing would it be to live a nomadic life and just jump from one place to the next and have no sort of daily routine? I dream about that one day and I am totally feeling inspired!


What is inspiring you this weekend?

 Have a blessed and productive weekend,



Credit: British Vogue 10/07, Editor: Lucinda Chambers, Model: Gemma Ward, Hair: Sam Mcknight, Makeup: Val Garlan