Dreaming of a French closet

When us girls are little we dream about the Cinderella story where a prince is going to sweep us away and take us to a magical place.  The other dream we have (well I always did, I don't know about you) is to have a house with a room that converts into a closet.  Like in Sex and the City, Carrie didn't even care about getting a big diamond ring from Mr. Big. All she wanted was a walk in closet to display all her shoes and designer clothes.  Well I am happy to say that I am living that dream as I converted one of my bedrooms into a closet and it's still a work in progress, but by looking at this closet that belongs to Toronto Philanthropist and Fashionista Suzanne Rogers, I want to upgrade mine and make it more glamorous. 

I love a lot of her furniture pieces as they are ultra feminine, french and elegant. She said she is inspired by the Ritz in Paris, which clearly shows in her pictures.  I love how she coordinates her shoes by color and has a seating area for you to relax and take your time while getting dressed. She also did custom mirrored doors with her monogram- how divine!

Tons of Lanvin and  Hermès boxes.  I am also a collector of boxes and don't like to throw them out as they look beautiful when you stack them all together. 

I love this gilded mirror and french console table with carrara marble.

I love this vintage lace by McQueen, would love to do something similar to that with a mermaid silhoutte for my wedding....prince charming-where are you?  LOL

Her wardrobe is super sick as she collects tons of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Chanel, Balmain, Mary Kantratzou (which is one of my favorites right now and I am working on a posting on her...stay tuned), Erdem, Giambattista Valli and tons more. 

I also want to share pics of my closet with you guys, but right now I am working on some little projects to make it nicer, I will soon- I promise!!!!

So do you have an extra room or nook around the house that you have converted into a closet for your wardrobe or are you dreaming about a closet that you have seen that one day you would love to have something similar? If so, please share with us.


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The Coveteur

, go to it to see the rest of her closet