Sleek Bachelor Pad Inspiration

I have a client from Chicago who is a lawyer and is looking into moving to NYC this upcoming fall. I have been thinking about ideas on how to decorate his "

future two bedroom apartment.

" My client is looking for a two bedroom apartment because one of the rooms we will be converting it into a closet to show all his designer clothes and shoes.  He is a world traveler, likes to entertain, and works long hours at the firm.  He is also very picky and likes to have full control of everything.  In this case, I told him that I need him to trust my vision for his pad as his personality and the things he loves will be represented. I was looking online and found this apartment designed by

Preston Lee

who you might remember him from  Bravo's Top Design Season 2. I love that is apartment is contemporary, eclectic, and sleek and has many pieces I love like the nude photograph by Helmut Newton.

So what are some "MUST Get Pieces" for his Sleek Bachelor Pad?

Living room

1. Hollywood Regency Ram head gold table with glass top

2. Bar area for entertaining fully stocked with ice bucket and favorite booze

3. Photography, arts and law books

4. Sculptures made in brass, chrome, and lucite

5. Dark walls

6. Luxurious graphic rug

7. Statement chandelier

8. Modern chairs

9. Velvet sleek sofa with nail heads

10. Trinkets from his travels

11. LCD TV with great sound system

12. Floor lamp and table lamp

13. Silk or velvet drapes


1. Leather upholstered headboard

2. Fur or Faux fur throw

3. Pratesi sheets in a high thread count

4. Hand Sketch drawings mounted in the wall

5. Sleek nightstands

6. Pair of lamps

7. Graphic rug

Office/Dining area

1.Marble table

2. Black Crystal chandelier

3. Brass vase for flowers

4.  Kelly Wearstler pieces from Bergdorf Goodman

5. Leather brass chairs

6. Cowhide rug

7. Modern console table in glossy finish

In order to make this apartment shine I would have to focus a lot on the finishes of the furniture, the texture and prints on the rugs, the fabrics for the pillows and drapes, and finding great lighting. So dear client, please lets find this apartment ASAP so I can get working. All I need you to bring from Chicago is your mattress, LCD TV, your clothes and anything you brought back from your travels. The rest we can sell on craigslist...jajaja.

So what do you guys think?  What else should I add to his pad? 

images via

Preston Lee