NYC HomeGoods Grand Opening

Dear HomeGoods, 

Thanks a million for finally bringing a 20,000 SQ foot HomeGoods to our great New York City. This has been a dream come true for many of us decorating fanatics that don't don't have a car or like trekking to New Jersey or Long Island. I know NY already has amazing interior design stores, but we needed a off priced haven where we can find a great selection of good quality home fashions at  20-60 percent off retail.  I guess my prayers and thousands of other people along with the constant messages on your


page (maybe going back to two years) had something to do with bringing this store to our Upper West Side! Today was a wonderful experience as the lines outside were moving rapidly, tons of HomeGoods staff were very helpful (maybe the nicest, I have seen in any NYC store lately), and the shopping process was stress free.

Muchas Gracias! 

This lovely flower ottoman number was my pick.  I decided to buy it more for the shape than the print as I am not too crazy about those flowers.  I also tried finding another one and asked numerous staff members but everyone told me they only got one.  HomeGoods, if you bring another one, please contact me as I need the pair! I actually want to reupholster it into something more luxurious! Need to come up with some cool ideas...stay tuned! 

I am decorating my sister Madelyn's apartment so here is this rug that we picked out for her prewar apartment.  We are actually renovating it as we speak and slowly collecting pieces for it.  We wanted to find a rug in a dark hue with texture as she has two beautiful dogs- Ice and Spade.  We needed something pet friendly and this rug was just perfect.  We didn't see the price, so the guys got on a ladder to see if it was above...when they said $99 we were OK...we must get it!

This Kate Spade China for Lenox was gorgeous and a top seller.  I love the colors and the prints and the price was about $10 dollars less than the retail price. 

I love global pieces as I am upping my traveling this year....these were some lovely pieces that were brought from different places around the world.  I personally loved the Indian throw with all the pinks, purples and red embroidery and would give a punch to any room! 

I actually wished the furniture selection was a little bigger to showcase all the furniture in its splendor.  

I don't really have anything rustic in my apartment but would be open to maybe introducing it to a client. They had credenzas, sideboards, nesting tables, dressers, tv stands, end tables, coffee tables, etc.  But I still wanted to see more....Homegoods, please make the furniture selection bigger!

This was a lovely piece of furniture- sideboard/credenza with three beautiful hardware pulls. 

I am now regretting not picking up the greek key rug for a client! The suzanni pillows were very pretty and not too bad for $24.99 each.  

I was in the lookout for a greek bust but didn't see any. HomeGoods, another request...please bring Greek bust! 

 The lamp selection was ok by the time I got there.  I have been to other HomeGoods and found a better selection.  We did get 2 coral reef lamps but I didn't take a picture of them...sorry.  

If you live in NYC and have a garden- BIG BIG Kudos to you!  My three bedroom apartment would be perfect if it would have a wrap around terrace that I can plant and garden.  Maybe one day, but if you have one, there was a whole section for garden furniture.  

I am going to have big problems with this HomeGoods as it's located crosstown from my job. I can easily see myself taking lunch breaks to go shopping and buying stuff that I might not need. HomeGoods, you can bet you have created a bigger monster in me for making this dream come true.  

Yours Truly,


So if you are in NYC, please go and check out our new shopping addition to the best city in the world! Location is on 99th St and Columbus Avenue.

All pictures taken with my Iphone