Sweat, Saliva and Stilettos

If photographs and paintings were edible, the works of artist Marilyn Minter would be the ones I would munch on! Her images are breathtaking in a grotesque and beautiful way. Marilyn is an artist that juxtaposes photorealistic paintings and painterly photographs in a sexual way. I love how she plays with body parts such as the mouth and the tongue and creates a picture that exudes sex and passion. In Salon 94’s


they mentioned that “In Minter’s world, the body is cast as a site of aggressive desire. Tongues covered in glittering candy attempt to push beyond the picture plane and enter the viewer’s space. An androgynous nipple is menaced by a snake tattoo and adorned with pearls, and a freckled, made up model blows a bubble that is about to burst. Marilyn has always been interested in blurring the boundaries between commercial and high art. She has shown her photographs as billboards, aired a commercial on late night television, and done fashion shoots in which she subverts cultural ideals of beauty and sexuality.” She has worked with numerous celebrities and designers like Tom Ford, Stephanie Seymour, Pamela Anderson and Madonna.

 I am happy she got get MFA from my alma mater Syracuse University and is an artist pushing the envelope. You might remember seeing one of her images in the Amanda Nisbet bedroom for Kips Bay I featured on my


last week. The mouth image pulled the whole room together!

 I found an interesting lecture she had at UCLA on


talking about her work and what has she been up to now which was pretty interesting.  If you guys have time, I hope you can check it out.  So what do you think about her work?

images via

greenpinkcaviar.com, salon94.com