A Grand Entrance- Doors of Antigua

On our trip to Guatemala, we spent most of our time in one of the most outstanding colonial cities in Central America-  Antigua (the old one).  It was by far, my favorite city of all the ones we visited.  This city is captivating as it's full of color and charm. As soon as we got there we started walking around and admired  the cobble stone streets, the houses, baroque churches, squares, parks and most important the ruins. Tourist come to Antigua for it's natural beauty and to admire the historic monuments.  In Antigua, the residents are required by law to upkeep the town as if conquistadors were still living there in the 16th century.  After several earthquakes in the 18th century the city is well preserved and the Antiguans are very proud of the upkeep.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of every single door that would capture my attention. It became an obsession and now I have hundreds of pictures just of doors, windows and entrances. There are still artisans who create handmade products that honor the traditions of generations like the woodwork and carvings on the pine doors and the ironwork that embellishes these doors. This posting is eye candy if you have a sweet tooth for doors or details that can only be admired and be inspired by.

The doors to one of the entrances to the "Nuestra Señora de la Merced Church "

The details of the doors were breathtaking. 

A very ornate entrance to make you stare for hours!

The first thing we look at when entering someones house is the door and the facade of the home. Antiguan's know the importance of this, and seem to be one step ahead as they have these very inspired and well crafted doors.  Hope you guys were as inspired as I was. 

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All pictures taken by me