Central Park in Summer

Please excuse my lack of postings as I have been the busiest cookie running around NYC for the past two weeks non stop.  I am back and working on some yummy postings for the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.  I wanted to share with you guys the breathtaking view of Central Park from my job. My sisters picked me up from work as we were going to a casual wedding but thought it would be a much better idea to spend time with love ones instead. We had a great time bonding, talking about our upcoming travels, interiors, guys, fashion, and just reminiscing about good old times....I love you girls!

I wore my favorite Herve Leger Skirt, Le Silla Studded Stilettos, Tahari Silk Top, Ray Ban Wayfarers and vintage bracelet. BTW, my Herve Leger skirt is one of my staples in my closet and I probably wear it like 20 times a year...talk about getting my money's worth!

The Conservatory Garden from my job...the view is absolutely amazing! To the right you can see the Central Garden and to the left you can see the North Garden where the tulips bloom in the Spring. Your might remember my earlier

posting of tulips


To the right is the Vanderbilt Gate and to the left- The Conservatory Garden Fountain. My little sisters Madelyn, Ashely and me. ( Lili, you were so missed!!!!)

The Conservatory Garden has to be one of Central Park's best kept secrets as not too many people visit this beautiful garden in our city. I am lucky to work right across from it where I can go for lunch there everyday and breathe some fresh air and be inspired by nature.

Above is Water Schott's Untermyer Fountain-

Three Dancing Maidens

 which depicts a circle of three young women whose dresses cling to their wet bodies as if they were perpetually in the fountain's spray. One larger jet of water is featured in the middle of their dance, while two smaller jets appear on either side of the oval pool. The circle of the sculpture and base and the ellipse of the pool complement the slightly oval-shaped garden itself.

Views of the Harlem Meer, ducks and turtles and the view of Fifth Avenue from above.

Strolling in the North Garden

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend.