NYC Food Shopping {Best Yet Market}

One of my favorite places to go food shopping in NYC has to be the Best Yet Market in Harlem.  My co-worker introduced me to this place and it's my go to place for everything. Before discovering Best Yet, I was a West Side Market, Fairway and Trader Joe's chick, but now with this one being on my daily walk to the train stop, I stop by at least 3 times a week as they have great sales and fresh veggies and fruits!I love the cleanliness, value and selections of products at Best Yet...they have me super hooked! Here are some quick snaps of some cool veggies, fruits, flowers, ice cream and suchi. 

The coconut cake above looks delicious! 

So do you have a favorite food market you can live without in your city or town?

Best Yet Market in Harlem

2187 Frederick Douglass Blvd.NY, NY 10026

Mon.-Sun. 7-11

Phone: (212) 377-2300